This page lists any user-contributed extras that may be useful. If you want to have your own additions listed here, just write a mail to the mailing list or to one of the authors.

See also Plugins.


Python Snippets

The Python snippets are inspired by Gedit. They can be downloaded at Just copy the part from [Python] downwards into your ~/.geany/snippets.conf. Further on you have to uncomment 'wordchars' and add a dot after the equals sign. Alternatively you can copy line 20 from the downloaded snippets.conf.

HTML and PHP Snippets by Tomasz Karbownicki

Tomasz has written some nice snippets for use in HTML files and even made a great video demonstrating them.

Snippets file: (combined with snippets of other languages)
The video:
The related blog post (in Polish):

LaTeX snippets by Frank Lanitz

The snippets file: Copy the content of the file into your ~/.geany/snippets.conf.

Tcl snippets by Witek Mozga

The snippets file: Copy the content of the file into your ~/.geany/snippets.conf.

Geany Editor Themes

  • Roman Snitko, Duncan Lock and others have created a set of filetypes.* files with a dark color scheme, for C, Java, Ruby, PHP, CSS, HTML and more.

Vibrant Ink

Jason Willson ported the Vibrant Ink color scheme from Textmate for Geany. More information and downloads can be found on the project page.

Geany Dark Tango Scheme

Barry van Oudtshoorn has created an alternative dark color theme using the Tango colors for C, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SGML, Shell scripts and XHTML. The colors are loosely based on the Dark Geany project, but Tangofied. Additionally, CSS3 keywords and vendor extensions were added.

Oblivion 2 Color Scheme/Theme UPDATE

Here's a color scheme which is based on the Gedit color scheme Oblivion and the Dark Color Scheme with rearranged colors.

Supported Languages and Files: Asm, C, C++, C#, Conf, CSS, Diff, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Lua, LaTeX, Makefile, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell, SQL, XML and YAML.



  • Geany 0.16 and higher: To install the set, unpack it to ~/.config/geany/filedefs and restart Geany.
  • Geany 0.15 and lower: To install the set, unpack it to ~/.geany/filedefs and restart Geany.

Daniel Milde: Fixed an indentation bug and contributed highlighting for YAML, JavaScript and C#

Licence: Same as Geany.

If you got any problems or suggestions, please send a mail to

Online Color Scheme Editor

Darko has written an awesome online color scheme editor, available at

Tags Files

At you can find a little collection of tag-files suitable for Geany. To use the files, just download them, saving them into ~/.config/geany/tags/ and restart Geany. On Windows and other operations systems this path may be differ based on system defaults - see the manual.

More tags can be also found on wiki.



Cleanup MRU List detects files in the MRU listings which do not exist anymore by scanning the Geany configuration. It was written by Guenther Brunthaler. Note you may not run it when Geany is running.

geany-mktags.lua solves the problem that "geany -g" can only create tag files for one language at a time, but there may be multiple source code languages present in a project. This script runs "geany -g" with the correct parameters to generate tag files for all supported languages for the source files encountered in the current directory tree.

Shell automatically generates C/C++ tags from a header file in /usr/include, recursively adding headers the header depends on.



Script to use as Geany's Grep tool. Makes Geany use Ack for Find in Files. Download - you will need to chmod u+x so it can be executed.

Ruby on Rails extras for Geany

Dawid Fatyga created some extras for Geany for better support of Ruby on Rails. These extras contain some snippets and Railscasts' TextMate theme ported to Geany.

The code can be found at

Alternative C++ improvements

Kevin Pors contributed a changed filetypes.cpp to make the syntax highlighting colors look more like those of GVim and he changed the default set of keywords (primary keywords are builtin types, secondary are statements).

Download the alternative filetype definition file

Note, that you need Geany 0.19 or newer for this to work.

AVR/AVRA Assembler support

Arthur Artamonov contributed an improved filetypes.asm with the AVR instuction set and added "avra" as the compiler to be used.

Download the alternative filetype definition file