Third Party Packages

Source distribution

geany-1.24.1.tar.gz (GPG Sig)
geany-1.24.1.tar.bz2 (GPG Sig)

GPG Key used to sign the source packages: colombanw-pubkey.txt (Instructions).

Windows Binaries

For Windows 2000 or newer.

geany-1.24_setup.exe - Full Installer including GTK 2.16.
geany-1.24_nogtk_setup.exe - Base Installer without GTK Runtime Environment.

Unless you use the full installer, you will need the GTK+ runtime for Windows - see Running on Windows.

Older versions

For older versions, please see

Note: Tarballs before 0.21 used another GPG Key: Note: Tarballs before 0.20 used another GPG Key:

Third Party Packages

For a list of known packages created by other people, see Third Party Packages.