Geany  dev
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCGeanyAppImportant application fields
oCGeanyDataThis contains pointers to global variables owned by Geany for plugins to use
oCGeanyDocumentStructure for representing an open tab with all its properties
oCGeanyEditorEditor-owned fields for each document
oCGeanyEditorPrefsDefault prefs when creating a new editor window
oCGeanyEncodingStructure to represent an encoding to be used in Geany
oCGeanyFilePrefsFile Prefs
oCGeanyFiletypeRepresents a filetype
oCGeanyFunctionsThis contains pointers to functions owned by Geany for plugins to use
oCGeanyIndentPrefsIndentation prefs that might be different according to project or filetype
oCGeanyInterfacePrefsInterface preferences
oCGeanyKeyBindingRepresents a single keybinding action
oCGeanyLexerStyleFields representing the different attributes of a Scintilla lexer style
oCGeanyMainWidgetsImportant widgets in the main window
oCGeanyPluginBasic information for the plugin and identification
oCGeanyPrefsGeneral Preferences dialog settings
oCGeanyProjectStructure for representing a project
oCGeanySearchPrefsSearch preferences
oCGeanyTemplatePrefsTemplate preferences
oCGeanyToolbarPrefsToolbar settings
oCGeanyToolPrefsTools preferences
oCPluginCallbackCallback array entry type used with the plugin_callbacks symbol
oCPluginInfoBasic information about a plugin available to Geany without loading the plugin
oCSciFuncsWrapper functions for Scintilla messages
oCScintillaFuncsSee for the full documentation