Geany  dev
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oC_SpawnWriteDataA simple structure used by spawn_write_data() to write data to a channel
oCGeanyAppImportant application fields
oCGeanyDataThis contains pointers to global variables owned by Geany for plugins to use
oCGeanyDocumentStructure for representing an open tab with all its properties
oCGeanyEditorEditor-owned fields for each document
oCGeanyEditorPrefsDefault prefs when creating a new editor window
oCGeanyFilePrefsFile Prefs
oCGeanyFiletypeRepresents a filetype
oCGeanyIndentPrefsIndentation prefs that might be different according to project or filetype
oCGeanyInterfacePrefsInterface preferences
oCGeanyKeyBindingRepresents a single keybinding action
oCGeanyLexerStyleFields representing the different attributes of a Scintilla lexer style
oCGeanyMainWidgetsImportant widgets in the main window
oCGeanyPluginBasic information for the plugin and identification
oCGeanyPluginFuncsCallback functions that need to be implemented for every plugin
oCGeanyPrefsGeneral Preferences dialog settings
oCGeanyProjectStructure for representing a project
oCGeanyProxyFuncsHooks that need to be implemented by every proxy
oCGeanySearchPrefsSearch preferences
oCGeanyTemplatePrefsTemplate preferences
oCGeanyToolbarPrefsToolbar settings
oCGeanyToolPrefsTools preferences
oCPluginCallbackCallback array entry type used with the plugin_callbacks symbol
oCPluginInfoBasic information about a plugin available to Geany without loading the plugin
oCTMSourceFileThe TMSourceFile structure represents the source file and its tags in the tag manager
\CTMWorkspaceThe Tag Manager Workspace