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tm_workspace.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  TMWorkspace


gboolean tm_workspace_add_object (TMWorkObject *work_object)
gboolean tm_workspace_remove_object (TMWorkObject *work_object, gboolean do_free, gboolean update)

Detailed Description

The TMWorkspace structure is meant to be used as a singleton to store application wide tag information.

The workspace is intended to contain a list of global tags and a set of work objects (individual files). You need not use the workspace, though, to use tag manager, unless you need things like global tags and a place to store all current open files. TMWorkspace is derived from TMWorkObject.

Function Documentation

gboolean tm_workspace_add_object ( TMWorkObject work_object)

Adds a work object (source file) to the workspace.

work_objectThe work object to add to the workspace.
TRUE on success, FALSE on failure (e.g. object already exixts).
gboolean tm_workspace_remove_object ( TMWorkObject work_object,
gboolean  do_free,
gboolean  update 

Removes a member object from the workspace if it exists.

work_objectPointer to the work object to be removed.
do_freeWhether the work object is to be freed as well.
updateWhether to update workspace objects.
TRUE on success, FALSE on failure (e.g. the work object does not exist).