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Geany switched to Git

Posted on Oct. 10, 2011 at 05:58 PM

We're happy to announce Geany just switched from Subversion to Git as the Version Control System used for source code management. The primary source repository also moved from SourceForge to GitHub.

We think and hope this will make future development easier for everybody and improve collaboration with the community.

The new Git repository can be found here : Of course the mirror on is still available and now mirrors the official Git repository as well as does the mirror. You can follow the updated instructions on the Git page to clone the new repository or fork it on GitHub.

A backup of the old SVN repository can still be found at for anybody interested.

Finally, we'd like to thank Jiří Techet for the wonderful work he did on converting the SVN repository to Git, and Matthew Brush for the great help on setting up the GitHub repository. Thank you guys!