Development with GTK+: widget specific questions

How do I find out about the selection of a GtkList?

Get the selection something like this:

GList *sel;
sel = GTK_LIST(list)->selection;

This is how GList is defined (quoting glist.h):

typedef struct _GList GList;

struct _GList
  gpointer data;
  GList *next;
  GList *prev;

A GList structure is just a simple structure for doubly linked lists. There exist several g_list_*() functions to modify a linked list in glib.h. However the GTK_LIST(MyGtkList)->selection is maintained by the gtk_list_*() functions and should not be modified.

The selection_mode of the GtkList determines the selection facilities of a GtkList and therefore the contents of GTK_LIST(AnyGtkList)->selection:

selection_mode GTK_LIST()->selection contents
GTK_SELECTION_SINGLEselection is either NULL or contains a GList* pointer for a single selected item.
GTK_SELECTION_BROWSEselection is NULL if the list contains no widgets, otherwise it contains a GList* pointer for one GList structure.
GTK_SELECTION_MULTIPLEselection is NULL if no listitems are selected or a a GList* pointer for the first selected item. that in turn points to a GList structure for the second selected item and so on.

The data field of the GList structure GTK_LIST(MyGtkList)->selection points to the first GtkListItem that is selected. So if you would like to determine which listitems are selected you should go like this:

        gchar           *list_items[]={
                                "last Item",
        guint           nlist_items=sizeof(list_items)/sizeof(list_items[0]);
        GtkWidget       *list_item;
        guint           i;

        gtk_list_set_selection_mode(GTK_LIST(list), GTK_SELECTION_MULTIPLE);
        gtk_container_add(GTK_CONTAINER(AnyGtkContainer), list);
        gtk_widget_show (list);

        for (i = 0; i < nlist_items; i++)
                gtk_object_set_user_data(GTK_OBJECT(list_item), (gpointer)i);
                gtk_container_add(GTK_CONTAINER(list), list_item);

To get known about the selection:

        GList   *items;


        printf("Selected Items: ");
        while (items) {
                if (GTK_IS_LIST_ITEM(items->data))
                        printf("%d ", (guint)