Migrating from libglade to GtkBuilder

Since version 2.12, GTK+ provides GtkBuilder to construct user interfaces from XML descriptions, similar to the functionality provided by GladeXML in the libglade library.

A good way to start a migration from libglade to GtkBuilder is to run the gtk-builder-convert utility on your glade file, and inspect the resulting output. If your code uses the root parameter of glade_xml_new(), you may want to split your glade file into multiple GtkBuilder files by using the --root option of gtk-builder-convert. Alternatively, you can use gtk_builder_add_objects_from_file() to construct only certain objects from a GtkBuilder file.

While GtkBuilder strives to be a complete replacement for libglade, there are a number of areas where it is currently still behind libglade:

More details about migrating from libglade to GtkBuilder will appear here over time...