Geany  dev
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 app.hContains the GeanyApp
 build.hInterface to the Build menu functionality
 dialogs.hFile related dialogs, miscellaneous dialogs, font dialog
 document.hDocument related actions: new, save, open, etc
 editor.hEditor-related functions for GeanyEditor
 encodings.hEncoding conversion and Byte Order Mark (BOM) handling
 filetypes.hFiletype detection, file extensions and filetype menu items
 geanyplugin.hSingle include for plugins
 highlighting.hSyntax highlighting for the different filetypes, using the Scintilla lexers
 keybindings.hConfigurable keyboard shortcuts
 main.hMain program-related commands
 msgwindow.hMessage window functions (status, compiler, messages windows)
 navqueue.hSimple code navigation
 plugindata.hThis file defines the plugin API, the interface between Geany and its plugins
 pluginsignals.cPlugin Signals
 pluginsymbols.cSymbols declared from within plugins, all of this is deprecated
 pluginutils.hPlugin utility functions
 project.hProject Management
 sciwrappers.hWrapper functions for the Scintilla editor widget SCI_* messages
 search.hSearch (prefs)
 spawn.hPortable and convenient process spawning and communication
 stash.hLightweight library for reading/writing GKeyFile settings and synchronizing widgets with C variables
 support.hDefines internationalization macros
 symbols.hTag-related functions
 templates.hTemplates (prefs)
 tm_source_file.hThe TMSourceFile structure and associated functions are used to maintain tags for individual files
 tm_workspace.hThe TMWorkspace structure is meant to be used as a singleton to store application wide tag information
 toolbar.hToolbar (prefs)
 ui_utils.hUser Interface general utility functions
 utils.hGeneral utility functions, non-GTK related