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Data Fields
GeanyInterfacePrefs Struct Reference

Interface preferences. More...

Data Fields

gboolean compiler_tab_autoscroll
 whether compiler messages window is automatically scrolled to show new messages
gchar * editor_font
 editor font
gboolean highlighting_invert_all
 whether highlighting colors are inverted
gboolean msgwin_compiler_visible
 whether message window's compiler tab is visible
gchar * msgwin_font
 message window font
gboolean msgwin_messages_visible
 whether message window's messages tab is visible
gint msgwin_orientation
 orientation of the message window
gboolean msgwin_scribble_visible
 whether message window's scribble tab is visible
gboolean msgwin_status_visible
 whether message window's status tab is visible
gboolean notebook_double_click_hides_widgets
 whether a double click on notebook tabs hides all other windows
gboolean show_notebook_tabs
 whether editor tabs are visible
gboolean show_symbol_list_expanders
 whether to show expanders in the symbol list
gboolean sidebar_openfiles_visible
 whether the open file list is visible
gint sidebar_pos
 position of the sidebar (left or right)
gboolean sidebar_symbol_visible
 whether the symbol sidebar is visible
gboolean statusbar_visible
 whether the status bar is visible
gint symbols_sort_mode
 symbol list sorting mode
gint tab_pos_editor
 positions of editor's tabs
gint tab_pos_msgwin
 positions of message window's tabs
gint tab_pos_sidebar
 positions of sidebar's tabs
gchar * tagbar_font
 symbol sidebar font
gboolean use_native_windows_dialogs
 whether to use native Windows' dialogs (only used on Windows)
gboolean warn_on_project_close
 whether to show a warning when closing a project to open a new one

Detailed Description

Interface preferences.