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Data Fields
TMWorkObject Struct Reference

Data Fields

time_t analyze_time
char * file_name
char * short_name
GPtrArray * tags_array
guint type

Detailed Description

A TMWorkObject structure is the base class for TMSourceFile. This struct contains data common to all work objects, namely, a file name, time when the file was analyzed (for caching) and an array of tags which should be populated when the object is analyzed.

Field Documentation

time_t TMWorkObject::analyze_time

UNUSED Time when the object was last analyzed

char* TMWorkObject::file_name

Full file name (inc. path) of the work object

char* TMWorkObject::short_name

Just the name of the file (without the path)

GPtrArray* TMWorkObject::tags_array

Tags obtained by parsing the object

guint TMWorkObject::type

The type of object. Can be a source file or a project