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Running On Windows

GTK+ runtime for Windows

To run Geany under Windows you may need to install the GTK+ runtime libraries, depending on which download you use. If you use the full installer, a recent GTK runtime is included and you don't need any additional software.

If not using the full installer, you need to install a GTK runtime environment. The easiest way is to setup MSYS2 which provides a comfortable environment to easily install GTK (version 2 or 3) and all necessary dependencies. For details see the Wiki page Running Geany on Windows.

(The Geany Windows executable can be downloaded from the Releases page.)

Windows build differences

Some features are missing:

  • embedded terminal emulation (VTE, as far as I know there is nothing equal for Windows)

Windows developer tools

Geany does not include any developer tools such as compilers or interpreters, as we want to keep it lightweight. You will need to install any development tools yourself. Some links:

  • grep (needed for Find in Files) - use UnxUtils.
  • gcc, g++, make - use Minimal GNU for Windows. You should download the 'Automated MinGW Installer' program, as it is harder to install each tool separately. Note that for g++ you also need to install gcc.