Geany  dev
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*app.hContains the GeanyApp
o*build.hInterface to the Build menu functionality
o*dialogs.hFile related dialogs, miscellaneous dialogs, font dialog
o*document.hDocument related actions: new, save, open, etc
o*editor.hEditor-related functions for GeanyEditor
o*encodings.hEncoding conversion and Byte Order Mark (BOM) handling
o*filetypes.hFiletype detection, file extensions and filetype menu items
o*geanyplugin.hSingle include for plugins
o*highlighting.hSyntax highlighting for the different filetypes, using the Scintilla lexers
o*keybindings.hConfigurable keyboard shortcuts
o*main.hMain program-related commands
o*msgwindow.hMessage window functions (status, compiler, messages windows)
o*navqueue.hSimple code navigation
o*plugindata.hThis file defines the plugin API, the interface between Geany and its plugins
o*pluginsignals.cPlugin Signals
o*pluginsymbols.cSymbols declared from within plugins, all of this is deprecated
o*pluginutils.hPlugin utility functions
o*project.hProject Management
o*sciwrappers.hWrapper functions for the Scintilla editor widget SCI_* messages
o*search.hSearch (prefs)
o*spawn.hPortable and convenient process spawning and communication
o*stash.hLightweight library for reading/writing GKeyFile settings and synchronizing widgets with C variables
o*support.hDefines internationalization macros
o*symbols.hTag-related functions
o*templates.hTemplates (prefs)
o*tm_source_file.hThe TMSourceFile structure and associated functions are used to maintain tags for individual files
o*tm_workspace.hThe TMWorkspace structure is meant to be used as a singleton to store application wide tag information
o*toolbar.hToolbar (prefs)
o*ui_utils.hUser Interface general utility functions
\*utils.hGeneral utility functions, non-GTK related