GtkCellRendererCombo — Renders a combobox in a cell


#include <gtk/gtk.h>

struct              GtkCellRendererCombo;
GtkCellRenderer *   gtk_cell_renderer_combo_new         (void);

Object Hierarchy



  "has-entry"                gboolean              : Read / Write
  "model"                    GtkTreeModel*         : Read / Write
  "text-column"              gint                  : Read / Write


  "changed"                                        : Run Last


GtkCellRendererCombo renders text in a cell like GtkCellRendererText from which it is derived. But while GtkCellRendererText offers a simple entry to edit the text, GtkCellRendererCombo offers a GtkComboBox or GtkComboBoxEntry widget to edit the text. The values to display in the combo box are taken from the tree model specified in the model property.

The combo cell renderer takes care of adding a text cell renderer to the combo box and sets it to display the column specified by its text-column property. Further properties of the comnbo box can be set in a handler for the editing-started signal.

The GtkCellRendererCombo cell renderer was added in GTK+ 2.6.


struct GtkCellRendererCombo

struct GtkCellRendererCombo;

gtk_cell_renderer_combo_new ()

GtkCellRenderer *   gtk_cell_renderer_combo_new         (void);

Creates a new GtkCellRendererCombo. Adjust how text is drawn using object properties. Object properties can be set globally (with g_object_set()). Also, with GtkTreeViewColumn, you can bind a property to a value in a GtkTreeModel. For example, you can bind the "text" property on the cell renderer to a string value in the model, thus rendering a different string in each row of the GtkTreeView.

Returns :

the new cell renderer

Since 2.6

Property Details

The "has-entry" property

  "has-entry"                gboolean              : Read / Write

If TRUE, the cell renderer will include an entry and allow to enter values other than the ones in the popup list.

Default value: TRUE

Since 2.6

The "model" property

  "model"                    GtkTreeModel*         : Read / Write

Holds a tree model containing the possible values for the combo box. Use the text_column property to specify the column holding the values.

Since 2.6

The "text-column" property

  "text-column"              gint                  : Read / Write

Specifies the model column which holds the possible values for the combo box.

Note that this refers to the model specified in the model property, not the model backing the tree view to which this cell renderer is attached.

GtkCellRendererCombo automatically adds a text cell renderer for this column to its combo box.

Allowed values: >= G_MAXULONG

Default value: -1

Since 2.6

Signal Details

The "changed" signal

void                user_function                      (GtkCellRendererCombo *combo,
                                                        gchar                *path_string,
                                                        GtkTreeIter          *new_iter,
                                                        gpointer              user_data)        : Run Last

This signal is emitted each time after the user selected an item in the combo box, either by using the mouse or the arrow keys. Contrary to GtkComboBox, GtkCellRendererCombo::changed is not emitted for changes made to a selected item in the entry. The argument new_iter corresponds to the newly selected item in the combo box and it is relative to the GtkTreeModel set via the model property on GtkCellRendererCombo.

Note that as soon as you change the model displayed in the tree view, the tree view will immediately cease the editing operating. This means that you most probably want to refrain from changing the model until the combo cell renderer emits the edited or editing_canceled signal.

combo :

the object on which the signal is emitted

path_string :

a string of the path identifying the edited cell (relative to the tree view model)

new_iter :

the new iter selected in the combo box (relative to the combo box model)

user_data :

user data set when the signal handler was connected.

Since 2.14