GtkVScrollbar — A vertical scrollbar


#include <gtk/gtk.h>

struct              GtkVScrollbar;
GtkWidget *         gtk_vscrollbar_new                  (GtkAdjustment *adjustment);

Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

GtkVScrollbar implements AtkImplementorIface, GtkBuildable and GtkOrientable.


The GtkVScrollbar widget is a widget arranged verticall creating a scrollbar. See GtkScrollbar for details on scrollbars. GtkAdjustment pointers may be added to handle the adjustment of the scrollbar or it may be left NULL in which case one will be created for you. See GtkAdjustment for details.


struct GtkVScrollbar

struct GtkVScrollbar;

The GtkVScrollbar struct contains private data and should be accessed using the functions below.

gtk_vscrollbar_new ()

GtkWidget *         gtk_vscrollbar_new                  (GtkAdjustment *adjustment);

Creates a new vertical scrollbar.

adjustment :

the GtkAdjustment to use, or NULL to create a new adjustment

Returns :

the new GtkVScrollbar

See Also

GtkScrollbar, GtkScrolledWindow