Geany dev
Data Fields
GeanyApp Struct Reference

Important application fields. More...

#include <app.h>

Data Fields

gchar * configdir
 User configuration directory, usually ~/.config/geany. More...
gboolean debug_mode
 TRUE if debug messages should be printed.
struct GeanyProjectproject
 Currently active project or NULL if none is open.
const TMWorkspacetm_workspace
 TagManager workspace/session tags.

Detailed Description

Important application fields.

Field Documentation

◆ configdir

gchar* GeanyApp::configdir

User configuration directory, usually ~/.config/geany.

This is a full path read by utils_get_real_path().

Plugin configuration files should be saved as:
g_build_path(G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S, geany->app->configdir, "plugins", "pluginname",
"file.conf", NULL);
#define geany
Simple macro for geany_data that reduces typing.
Definition: plugindata.h:224