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Data Fields
GeanyFiletype Struct Reference

Represents a filetype. More...

#include <filetypes.h>

Data Fields

gchar * extension
 Default file extension for new files, or NULL.
GeanyFiletypeID id
 Index in filetypes.
gchar * name
 Untranslated short name, such as "C", "None". More...
gchar ** pattern
 Array of filename-matching wildcard strings.
gchar * title
 Shown in the file open dialog, such as "C source file".

Detailed Description

Represents a filetype.

Field Documentation

◆ name

gchar* GeanyFiletype::name

Untranslated short name, such as "C", "None".

Must not be translated as it's used for hash table lookups - use filetypes_get_display_name() instead.