A couple of volunteers - Geany developers, contributors and users - organize booths at various open source conferences in Europe to present Geany and answer questions of users.

Since 2010 the group of booth organizers joined the following events regularly:

If you will be around at such an event, feel free to visit the Geany booth and say hello!
We are always curious to meet new people, users of Geany and get their feedback.

Organize your own booth

If you want to organize your own booth at an open source conference or similar event, feel free to do it!
We can support you with our experiences and maybe with some materials (posters, stickers, ...).

Just ask on the Devel mailing list for more information.
The organizers of the German/Czech events are prepared with stickers, posters, table cloths, T-Shirts and a small magic lamp.

Impressions of past events