Git Repository

We use Git( for version control when developing Geany.
You can use it to test the latest source code, even between releases.

To check out Geany make sure you have the git package installed on your system.
Then checkout either the GitHub repository:

git clone git:// geany

or the mirror:

git clone geany

This creates a subdirectory "geany" and puts all files in it.

To build with Autotools, change to that subdirectory and run:


This will create and run the configure script for you.
You must have installed various GNU Autotools packages - if not,
the script will print out what you need to install.
In particular you need at least Autoconf version 2.60 and Automake version 1.7 or later.

For more details, check the manual.

Make Problems

When updating and rebuilding, Autotools can sometimes fail to regenerate the Makefiles correctly. You may need to run:

make distclean

Git Commands

If you find any problems with the Git version, please tell us the revision number.

  • Run git rev-parse --short HEAD to find what revision you checked out
  • Run git pull to update to the latest revision
  • Run git diff to see local modifications - see Hacking for how to make patches

See and for more information.

Web-Based Interface

There is also a web-based interface to the Git repository,
on which you can browse the code and view each file.

Nightly Tarballs

There are also nightly tarballs available.
These tarballs are generated each night from the current Git version.

You can download them at .