Geany Plugins

Geany has a plugin system which allows to get more features into Geany and developers can easily add new features and/or improve existing ones.

Plugins shipped with Geany:

  • Classbuilder - Creates source files for new class types
  • Export - Exports the current file into different formats
  • Filebrowser - Adds a file browser tab to the sidebar
  • HTML Characters - Inserts HTML character entities like '&'
  • Save Actions - Provides different actions related to saving files (autosave, instantsave, backupcopy)
  • Split Window - Splits the editor view into two windows

The Geany-Plugins project

The Geany-Plugins project is a combined release for each matching Geany release.
It includes a huge number of plugins for different purposes.
Please have a look at for more information.

You can file bugs and request features for the Geany-Plugins project at
The source code and more information can be found on

Other Plugins

If you wrote a plugin and it should be listed here, please email the project admins.

Developer Information

The Plugin API documentation is currently incomplete, but already contains useful information. Please read the HACKING file for instructions on how to generate it and any related information.

Currently, Geany Plugins can be written in:
- C
- in Lua using the GeanyLua plugin
- in Python and Lua when using the Peasy plugin

The generated API documentation can also be viewed online at

In case of any questions, feel free to ask us on the mailing list.