Third-Party Packages


Geany is available through the official Debian archives.

apt-get install geany

For newer versions in the Oldstable and Stable releases, check for updated packages.


Geany is available through the official Ubuntu archives (Universe section).

apt-get install geany

You might find newer versions in the Ubuntu Geany PPA at


Geany can be found in the Everything repository for recent Fedora releases (or Fedora Extras repository for Fedora Core 6 and earlier).

yum install geany

You can also install the Geany Plugins with yum install geany-plugins-*


Geany is included in Gentoo Portage, so just install it with:

emerge -av geany


You can install Geany on OpenSUSE using the normal package installation methods.

Arch Linux

Packages for Geany and Geany-Plugins for Arch Linux are available in the
Community repository, so you can install it like any other package:

pacman -S geany

FreeBSD / NetBSD / OpenBSD

Find the Geany package in the mentioned BSD variants in devel/geany.

Geany Portable for Windows (

There is a portable version of Geany by Oliver Krystal to carry on your USB stick and use on any Windows computer.


An AppImage for Geany can be found on:

Download the "Geany-*.AppImage" file, make it executable (e.g. with chmod +x Geany-*.AppImage) and execute it.

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