Bugs and Features

If you think you found a bug in Geany or if you have a feature to request, please file bugs at the Github issue tracker(see below).
You can also feel free to subscribe and write to our mailing list.

Github issue tracker

The issue tracker can be used for bugs as well as feature requests:


Sometimes a bug is not caused by Geany itself but by a plugin.
If you know or assume it might be a plugin, please refer to the Geany-Plugins project for reporting:


Bug reports

Please try to give us reliable instructions to reproduce the bug, so we can diagnose the cause. We also need:

  • The version number of Geany
  • The version number of GTK+ (can be printed with geany -V)
  • Your OS details
  • The filetype the bug occurred with (if applicable)

Other useful information

Geany prints useful information on the command-line when run with the -v switch.
This can be useful to diagnose a bug.

Sometimes you might find a bug that only occurs with a certain configuration - in this case it can be helpful if you send us your ~/.geany/geany.conf and any other concerned configuration file (where ~ is your home directory).

Getting a backtrace

If Geany crashed, it would also help us a lot if you can give us a backtrace made using gdb:

  • Run gdb /path/to/geany (Note: the usual path can be found by running which geany)
  • Type run -v (followed by any command-line arguments you used with Geany when the bug occurred) in the gdb prompt
  • Reproduce the segfault - it will be caught by gdb
  • Type bt and press enter if prompted

Send us everything from the run command - thanks.

In some cases the backtrace may not be that useful.
This mostly happens when Geany was built without debug information, useful information was removed by using -fomit-frame-pointer or the binary was stripped (but it may still be worth sending it to us).

In this case it would be great if you could either:

  • Get a backtrace from a debug package of Geany (if your distro has one) or
  • Get a backtrace from a fresh Geany build with appropriate debug flags:

    • make clean
    • ./configure CFLAGS=-g
    • Then build Geany with make, etc.

This also prevents optimization flags (usually enabled e.g. -O2) from inlining static functions where the bug might be hiding.

Note: a default source configure with gcc should include the -g debug flag, but on some systems CFLAGS is already set either by autoconf or in the shell environment, so it may need overriding.