Geany 2.0.0 (October 19, 2023)


  • Split "session data" into session.conf, preferences are written to and read from geany.conf (PR#2776, PR#2779, PR#3014, PR#3125 and more).
  • Add new build system Meson (experimental) (PR#2761).
  • Require GTK 3.24 (#3580).

Bug fixes

  • (Re-)Add ability to scroll over document tabs (Luke Horwell, PR#3134).
  • Fix keyword colorization on filetype change (PR#3553).
  • Fix startup files order when placing tabs next to the current one (PR#3611).


  • The document list in the sidebar has a new tree view. This mode is the new default and existing installations automatically use it (PR#1813).
  • Use dark-theme friendly colors for compiler messages (PR#3013).
  • Add a confirmation dialog on search & replace for the whole session (PR#3033).
  • Filter entry for symbol tree (PR#3055).
  • Simplify project creation from existing directories with sources (PR#3042).
  • Add option to show symbols in symbol tree without category groups (PR#3172).
  • Add option to only show line endings if they differ from file default (PR#3287).
  • Make tab label length and window title length configurable (Abdul Rafey, #3365).
  • Make Go to Symbol commands show signature list (PR#3475).


  • Update Scintilla to 5.3.7 and Lexilla to 5.2.7 (PR#2867, PR#3551).
  • Add "Change history" feature (disabled by default) (PR#3551).


  • Sync many parsers from the Universal Ctags project, this leads to updated symbol parsers (PR#2990, PR#2991, PR#3032).
  • Improved support for the ctags file format, which is now the recommended format for tags files (PR#3049).
  • Update Kotlin filetype config (PR#3456).
  • Apply Markdown header style to the complete header (Robert Di Pardo, PR#3602).
  • Update Nim filetype config (Zoom, PR#2988).
  • Update PHP filetype config (PR#3488).
  • Update Python filetype config (PR#3039).
  • Add AutoIt filetype (Skif-off, PR#1752).
  • Add GDScript filetype (David Yang, PR#3012).
  • Remove Ferite filetype (PR#3075).
  • Enable local variables and improve autocompletion for C/C++ and some other languages (PR#3185, PR#3275).


  • Remove native file and color dialogs on Windows, GTK dialogs will be used instead (#3219).
  • Use "Prof-Gnome" GTK theme by default (same theme as used on macOS) for a better experience, the "Adwaita" theme can still be activated (PR#3129).


  • Updated translations: cz, da, de, fr, es, kk, lv, it, nl, pt, sk, ru, ua
  • Added translations: si

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