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Release Notes

Geany 1.30.1 (March 19, 2017)

    * Fix auto-completion and calltip popup position on multi-monitor
      setups (Issue#1422).

    * Updated translations: ca, de, el, es, sk

Geany 1.30 (March 5, 2017)

    * Initial accessibility support in the editor (SF#328).
    * Fix scrolling on Wayland (Issue#1320).

    Bug fixes
    * Fix Ctrl+X and Ctrl+C in non-Latin keyboard layouts
      (Forkest, PR#1386).
    * Fix search history filling on GTK >= 3.20 (PR#1404).
    * Simplify setting build menu items labels, fixing a Commander plugin
      issue (Vasiliy Faronov, PR#1396).

    * Fix the current scope shown in the statusbar (Issue#1279).

    * Update Scintilla to version 3.7.3.
    * Fix triggering default keybindings together with snippets keybindings
      (Issue#1354, PR#1356).

    * Update JavaScript keywords (Abel 'Akronix' Serrano Juste, PR#1361).
    * Partial highlighting of JavaScript ES6 template strings (Issue#934).
    * Add Arduino custom filetype (Issue#1339).

    * Updated translations: de, es, fr, it, lt, pt

    * Remove unprefixed Scintilla structure aliases. Plugins must use
      the `Sci_`-prefixed version from now on.
    * Add `geany_api_version()` to detect the API version of Geany at
      runtime (Thomas Martitz, PR#1406).

    * Fix slow startup (Jiří Techet, Issue#1277, PR#1399).

Geany 1.29 (November 13, 2016)

    * Fix search entries color with the default GNOME 3.20 GTK2 theme
      (PR#1137, Issue#1101, Issue#1135, Issue#1267).
    * Improve support for GTK 3.22.
    * Add support for VTE 0.38 and newer (Issue#336, PR#1181).

    Bug fixes
    * Fix build when the CXX variable contains flags (PR#1155, Issue#829).
    * Fix focusing the message window when the Terminal tab is active
      (PR#1200, Issue#1198).

    * Update Scintilla to version 3.7.0 (Issue#1143).
    * Add support for keeping the cursor a number of lines from the edges to
      always show some context (PR#1154, Issue#1152).
    * Allow to configure keybinding for "Delete to beginning of line"
      (Abel Serrano Juste, PR#1134).
    * Performance improvements with many duplicate symbols (Jiří Techet,
      PR#797, Issue#577).
    * Allow to configure the error indicator color (PR#1185).

    * Fix highlighting of Haxe preprocessor (Issue#936).
    * Add `.exp` extension to TCL (Simon Marchi, PR#979).

    * Updated translations: ca, de, el, es, fr, id, it, kk, nl pt, pt_BR,
      sv, zh_CN,

    * Update GeanyProxyProbeResults` API (PR#1213).
    * Warn if a dot is used at the start of a proxy extension (PR#1212,
    * Add support for custom data attached to documents through
      `plugin_set_document_data()`, `plugin_get_document_data()` and
      `plugin_set_document_data_full()` (PR#1203).
    * Add "project-before-close" signal (PR#1223).

    * Split Window: Work around a GTK bug present from 3.15.9 to 3.21.4
      that breaks the document selection popup (Issue#1149, PR#1272).

    * Include 'grep.exe' from MSYS2 which works better than the previously
      self-compiled version
      (Issue#783, Issue#784, Issue#1229, Issue#1260, PR#1301).
    * Fix executing external commands (mainly Build and Run commands)
      where paths and filenames with non-ASCII characters are involved
      (Issue#1076, Issue#1259, Issue#1278, PR#1095).
    * Do not create a batch file on Run commands any longer, instead use
      a re-usable script and so eliminate the need to delete the script
      from itself (Issue#1276, PR#1095).

Geany 1.28 (July 10, 2016)

    * Improve support for GTK 3.20.
    * System filetype files and system tags files are now in sub-directories
      *filedefs/* and *tags/* respectively (Jiří Techet, PR#485).

    Bug fixes
    * Fix canceling keybinding overriding by discarding the dialog (Issue#714).
    * Fix type name coloring when types change (Jiří Techet, PR#1039,
      Issue#1020, Issue#1022).
    * Fix undo of line end type change (Jiří Techet, PR#527, Issue#409).

    * Update Scintilla to version 3.6.6.
    * Improve Goto Symbol popup contents (Jiří Techet, PR#958).

    * Treat `.h` headers as C++ by default (Jiří Techet, PR#857).
    * Various improvements to the Ruby parser (Issue#587).
    * Fix Haskell single line comments (Alexander, PR#1029).
    * Update Java keywords (Yan Pashkovsky, PR#1024).
    * Fix handling of curly brackets in Make (Masatake Yamato).
    * Add ECMAScript 6 keywords (Chris Mayo, PR#980).
    * Slight improvement to the Java file template (Philipp Wiesemann, PR#1073).
    * Add missing `last-child` CSS pseudo-class (Issue#1102).

    * Updated translations: ca, de, el, es, fr, it, ja, lt, pt, ru, sk,
                            tr, zh_CN

    * Don't require static strings for key group name and label (PR#1126).
    * Formally add TMTag to the API (Thomas Martitz, PR#1093).

    * Class builder: use `.hpp` extension for C++ headers by default
      (Yan Pashkovsky, PR#999).

    * Show an error if an URI cannot be opened (PR#1079).

    * Fix refreshing the keybindings displayed in the menus (Jiří Techet,

Geany 1.27 (March 13, 2016)

    * Remove Waf build system (PR#769).

    Bug fixes
    * Fix build with GLib < 2.32 (Issue#764).
    * Fix missing progress bar during build runs (Issue#765).
    * Fix infinite loop when performing reflow on some input with many
      consecutive spaces (Issue#848, PR#852).
    * Fix some locale encoding conversion issues (Jiří Techet, PR#547).

    * Allow to set a keybinding for File->Properties (Issue#622, PR#952).
    * Make it possible to define default symbol_list_sort_mode (Jiří Techet,
      Issue#313, PR#581).
    * Add keybindings for custom commands 4 through 9 (Thomas Sahlin, PR#858).
    * Use "Symbol" in place of "Tag" everywhere it does not refer to markup
      tags (Jiří Techet, Issue#579, PR#582).

    * Update Scintilla to version 3.6.3 (including improved support for Lua
      5.3 and Perl 5.22).
    * Greatly improve scope completion (Jiří Techet, PR#488, PR#505, PR#862,
    * Performance improvement highlighting types (Jiří Techet, PR#575).
    * Show calltips after a C++ explicit specialization (PR#496).
    * Show a popup to select the symbol when going to a symbol has several
      options (Jiří Techet, PR#406, PR#923).

    * Added some extra Markdown extensions (Andrea Stacchiotti, PR#820).
    * Add `.asm51` and `.a51` extensions for 8051 assembly (Devyn Collier
      Johnson, PR#739).
    * Fix C++ namespaces scope (Issue#871).
    * Fix parsing of C++ global scope qualifiers in base class lists.
    * Use the C++ parser for CUDA filetype (Issue#830, PR#831).
    * Add Clojure file extensions (Daniel Șuteu, PR#842).
    * Improve return type and var type recognition in C, C++, C# and D
      (Issue#845, PR#889).
    * Fix parsing of C++11 raw string literals (PR#879).
    * Update built-in PHP symbols (Issue#584, PR#603).
    * Fix parsing some Objective-C properties (PR#940, PR#941).

    * Updated translations: de, es, fr, it, ja, kk, lt, nl, pt, ru, sk,

    * Add `editor_set_indent_width()` (Thomas Martitz, PR#903).
    * Add GeanyFiletypeID` and deprecate `filetype_id` (PR#932).
    * Remove non-API type `langType` (Jiří Techet, part of PR#906).
    * Mark deprecated API so GCC-like compilers can warn about it, and add
      `GEANY_DISABLE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS` to silence those (PR#911).
    * Add `scintilla_object_send_message()`, `scintilla_object_get_type()`
      and `scintilla_object_new()` alias to the API as synonyms for their
      legacy counterparts `scintilla_send_message()`, `scintilla_get_type()`
      and `scintilla_new()` (Thomas Martitz, PR#874).

    * Project->Open now respects the native dialog setting (PR#961).

Geany 1.26 (November 15, 2015)

    * New plugin API (Thomas Martitz, PR#469).
    * Add support for "proxy" plugins (Thomas Martitz, PR#629).

    Bug fixes
    * Fix "Open in New Window" command (Issue#590).
    * Fix spurious "source file has been modified" (Jiří Techet, Issue#605,
    * Don't open more than one document for non-existing paths from the CLI
      (, PR#646).
    * Fix configuration directory encoding on non-UTF-8 non-Windows systems
      (Dimitar Zhekov, PR#658).

    * Use monospace font for the message window by default (Jiří Techet,
      Issue#435, PR#580).
    * Fix mnemonic conflict in "Use multi-line matching" (Ross Konsolebox,
      Issue#589, PR#647).

    * Update Scintilla to version 3.6.1.
    * Fix completion popup height when view is zoomed (Issue#702).
    * Fix Go To End Of Display Line when wrapping is on and EOL are visible
    * Keeping undo history when reloading files is now enabled by default
      (Thomas Martitz, Issue#562, PR#672).
    * "Strip trailing spaces", "Replace tabs" and "Replace spaces" now
      follow the current selection (Pavel Sountsov, PR#394).
    * Respect Smart Home Key setting in Go To Start of Display Line.
    * Check whether the document is newer on disk when the window gets
      focused (Jiří Techet, PR#533).

    * Add Cargo build commands for Rust (Wayne Nilsen, PR#557).
    * Add recent Perl keywords (Olivier Duclos, PR#599).
    * Add missing Python 3 keywords and builtins (PR#755).
    * Improvements to the Rust filetype (Pavel Sountsov, PR#613).
    * Add multiline comment to Haskell (Abel Serrano Juste, PR#638).
    * Recognize `.adoc` is as Asciidoc (PR#708, PR#711).
    * Recognize `.mml` and `.mathml` as XML (Devyn Collier Johnson, PR#731).

    * Updated translations: de, el, es, fr, hu, id, kk, pt, sk, sv, ru
    * Fix internationalization of "Open in New Window" items.

    * New plugin API, `geany_load_module()`, `geany_plugin_register()`,
      `GEANY_PLUGIN_REGISTER()`, `geany_plugin_register_full()`,
      `GEANY_PLUGIN_REGISTER_FULL()` (Thomas Martitz, PR#469).
    * Add support for "proxy" plugins, `geany_plugin_register_proxy()`
      (Thomas Martitz, PR#629).
    * Allow `user_data` parameter and `destroy_notify` callback to
      keybindings with new `keybindings_set_item_full()` and
      `plugin_set_key_group_full()` (Thomas Martitz, PR#376).

    * Restore modern design of native file dialogs (Issue#578).

Geany 1.25 (July 12, 2015)

    * GTK3 support, while not enabled by default, is now considered stable.
    * Improve MacOS X support (PR#396, PR#419, PR#420, Jiří Techet).
    * Improve subprocess spawning (especially on Windows) (PR#441,
      Dimitar Zhekov).
    * Huge tag management performance improvement (auto-completion,
      calltips, etc.) (PR#356, Jiří Techet).
    * Remove broken "Show macro list" keybinding and feature (PR#378).
    * Add %l substitution to build commands (PR#289, Martin Spacek).
    * Depend on GTK 2.24 and GLib 2.28.
    * Add per-project line wrapping, line breaking and comment
      continuation settings.
    * The plugin API is now split out of the main executable into libgeany,
      a shared library plugins have to link against.

    Bug fixes
    * Fix applying filetype-specific indentation settings for newly
      opened files.
    * Fix relative project base path when creating a new project
    * Fix next/previous keybindings when no files are open.
    * Fix markup injection in some tooltips (#1091).
    * Use absolute project path for projects opened from the command
      line (PR#431, Jiří Techet).
    * Fix goto tag in some cases when the same symbol name appears in
      different languages (PR#487, Jiří Techet).
    * Fix UI updating after loading a project.
    * Fix the currently selected document after Save All.
    * Fix leftovers in the Project dialog in some cases (PR#363, Jiří
    * Fix function return type in symbol list tooltips in some cases
      (PR#475, Jiří Techet).
    * Fix VTE path following on startup.

    * Show document-related dialogs embedded in the main window ("info
      bars") (PR#277, Matthew Brush and Thomas Martitz).
    * Plugin manager dialog cleanup and overhaul (PR#251, PR#414).
    * Filetypes can now define the MIME type used to select their icon
    * Close documents in the sidebar with middle mouse button (PR#172,
      Pavel Roschin).
    * Ask whether to replace project files when creating a project.
    * Ask whether to adopt the open documents when creating a new
      project (PR#315).
    * Allow to disable the list of recent files.
    * Fix many shadow inconsistencies (PR#411, Jiří Techet).
    * Add virtual column and selected chars to the statusbar (Patch #10,
      Dimitar Zhekov).
    * Add "dirty" terminal indication (PR#476, Jiří Techet).
    * Allow to select the None filetype in the Open File dialog
    * Add configuration menu entries for all filetypes (PR#491, Jiří Techet).

    * Update Scintilla to version 3.5.6 (#1041).
    * Do not comment out blank lines when toggling comments (PR#79, Igor
    * Improve handling of Verilog strings and comments.
    * Support for keeping undo history when reloading files (PR#188, Arthur
      Rosenstein).  This is not enabled by default in this release.
    * Respect filetype.common's wordchars if a filetype doesn't have its own
      (Issue#492, PR#501).

    * Add support for single-line regular expressions (PR#310).
    * Default action is now "Replace & Find" in the replace dialog but
      can be configured (Roland Pallai).
    * Activate default action from all fields in the Find in Files
      dialog (#959).

    * Add JSON filetype.
    * Add Zephir filetype.
    * Add CoffeScript filetype (PR#230, Mark Dresselhaus).
    * Add Go tags parser (PR#373, PR#481, Issue#238, Jiří Techet).
    * Add Erlang tags parser (PR#445, Beng Tan).
    * Add PowerShell tags parser (PR#477).
    * Many JavaScript parsing fixes and improvements.
    * Many CSS parser fixes and improvements.
    * Many Txt2tags parsing fixes and improvements (feature #690).
    * Make parser fixes and improvements.
    * Parse D enum base type (PR#404).
    * Various small Rust fixes (PR#306, SiegeLord).
    * Highlight C types in C++.
    * Add some missing C11 keywords.
    * Add some missing SQL keywords.
    * Fix and add some CSS keywords (PR#333, Hannes Heute).
    * Fix some FreeBasic keywords (#691).
    * Add some missing D keywords (PR#293, Danyal Zia).
    * Fix R keywords and wordchars (PR#273, landroni).
    * Fix styling of some CSS elements.
    * Fix styling of Lua preprocessor.
    * Fix style of PHP variables interpolation.
    * Recognize `.vbs` files as FreeBasic (PR#171, Nicolas Karolak).
    * Recognize `.tpl` files as HTML.
    * Recognize `.xtpl` files as XML.
    * Recognize `.xpm` files as C.
    * Recognize more Bash files (PR#291, Peter Bittner).
    * Update templates for Python and Vala.
    * Add template for HTML5.
    * Fix parsing of some Python triple-quoted strings.
    * Add some linting tools to some filetype's default Build menu.
    * Fix scope of some Python symbols.
    * Fix support of trigraphs in C-like languages.
    * Add support of digraphs in C-like languages.
    * Add support of `final`, `override` and `noexcept` C++11 keywords

    * Update translations: be, ca, cs, de, el, es, fr, id, it, ja, nl, pl,
                           pt_BR, pt, ru, sl, sr, sv, zh_CN.

    * File Browser: use "explorer" as the default open command on
    * File Browser: use icons based on the detected file's MIME type (PR#455,
                    Jiří Techet).
    * Save Actions: use mode 0600 for backup copies (#833, PR#413).
    * Split Window: Fix a few keybindings (cut, copy, paste, delete,
                    select all) (PR#467, Alex).

    * Hide private API (PR#351, Jiří Techet, and PR#429, Matthew Brush and
      Thomas Martitz).
    * Cleaner and safer TagManager API (Part of PR#356, Jiří Techet).
    * Entry point prototypes are now checked by the compiler (PR#359).
    * Add pseudo-unique document IDs through GeanyDocument::id and
      document_find_by_id(). This is a safer API for keeping a reference
      to a document for a long time (PR#256).
    * Add convenient and portable spawning API: spawn_sync(), spawn_async(),
      spawn_with_callbacks(), spawn_kill_process(), spawn_check_command(),
      spawn_write_data() (PR#441, Dimitar Zhekov).
    * plugin_signal_connect() is now safe to use also with objects
      destroyed before unloading the plugin.
    * Add document_reload_force() to replace document_reload_file().
    * Add project_write_config() (PR#361, Jiří Techet).
    * Add keybindings_get_modifiers() and GEANY_PRIMARY_MOD_MASK (Jiří
    * Fix emission of the 'document-activate' signal in some cases.
    * Add ui_tree_view_set_tooltip_text_column().
    * Add scintilla_get_type().

    * Use native Windows quoting rules for commands (on Windows, part of 
      subprocess spawning improvements).
    * Prompt before overwriting existing files when using native Save As
      dialog (PR#113, Adam Coyne).
    * View -> Change Font now respects the native dialog setting.
    * Fix main window freeze when displaying native dialogs.
    * Use the same plugin directory as other platforms (PR#540, Thomas

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