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This page lists some reviews and articles about Geany we have found on the web. The newest articles are on top, the oldest on the bottom.

Geany – A Great Lightweight Code Editor For Linux

Reviewed on - Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips

Kaly wrote a nice review about Geany on

Geany - as good as IDEs get?

Tommy Brunn wrote an article about Geany on his blog You can find it on

How to develop websites on linux

The Smashing Magazine wrote an article about how to develop websites on Linux in August 2009. The article makes fair use of Geany.

100% CLEAN Award by Softpedia

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Geany 0.11 got the Softpedia 100% Clean Award. Daniel Voicu wrote a review of Geany 0.14 at Softpedia. It can be found at

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