What's this file about?
This file lists all external people that have contributed to this project.
If any contributors are missing, please email the developers - see the AUTHORS file.

Testers and contributors:
These people have contributed to Geany by testing the software,
reporting problems, sending patches and making useful suggestions:

Frank Lanitz - heavy testing
Christoph Berg - testing and patch for filetype D
Nick Treleaven - many patches
Saleem Abdulrasool - vte autoconf patch
Marko Peric
S Jagannathan
Giuseppe Torelli
Kristoffer A. Tjernås
Kevin Ellwood
Stefan Oltmanns - escape sequences patch
Bob Doan - some patches
Rob van der Linde - fixed wrong vte height on some systems
Josef Whiter - parse 'Entering directory' build messages
Jeff Pohlmeyer - "Allow DnD", "Use tabs" and other great patches
Tomás Vírseda - sort open files patch
Dirk Weber
Slava Semushin - patch to improve SVN checks in configure script
John Gabriele - documentation patches
Anh Phạm - various patches
Guillaume Hoffmann - Haskell filetype patch
Peter Strand - Haskell CTags patch
Dave Moore - code navigation patch
François Cami, Guillaume Duviol - tab replacement patch
Alexander Rodin - class builder patch
Shiv - Sun Studio compiler compatibility patch
Jean-François Wauthy - Symbol list icons patch
blackdog - Haxe filetype patch
Sebastian Kraft - new Geany icon
Catalin Marinas - newline strips trailing spaces patch
Bo Lorentsen - project session patch
Yura Siamashka - many patches
Daniel Richard G. - some patches
Pierre Joye - Win32 process spawning patch
Matti Mårds - create PHP tags script
Robert McGinley - Documentation improvements
Felipe Pena - Missing PHP keywords
Colomban Wendling - various patches
Timothy Boronczyk - scroll_stop_at_last_line GUI pref patch
Jason Oster - various patches
Andrew Rowland - R filetype patch
Bronisław Białek - CSS parser update
Roland Baudin - Matlab filetype patch
Conrad Steenberg - symbol tree patch
Herbert Voss - LaTeX file template
Moritz Barsnick - Split Vertically command
Tyler D'Agosta - Add missing HTML entities
Walery Studennikov - YAML filetype patch
Guillaume de Rorthais - Auto-close brackets/braces/quotes patch
Tyler Mulligan - Close All toolbar icon
Philipp Gildein - Ada filetype patch
Thomas Martitz - Multiple %cursor% in Snippets, typeahead sidebar patch
David Gleich - Send Selection to Terminal patch
Chris Macksey - ActionScript filetype patch
Simon Treny - Documents sidebar stock icons patch
Elias Pschernig - Recent Projects menu patch
Jesse Mayes - Tango'ish Save All icon
Eugene Arshinov - Reload color schemes, split lines KB patches, and more
Jon Strait - Markdown filetype patch
Forgeot Eric - Txt2Tags filetype patch
Lex Trotman - Build commands configuration improvements, and more
Ross McKay - ASP preferred language option
Alexey Antipov - Apply file open encoding only to non-Unicode files
Jörn Reder - --socket-file command line option patch
Kelvin Gardiner - VHDL symbol list patch, Verilog filetype
Jon Senior - R tagmanager parser patch
Can Koy - Multiple changes/improvements
Yoann Le Montagner - set VTE bold color
Dimitar Zhekov - various patches
Ondrej Donek - Support for creating PHP classes with the classbuilder plugin
Daniel Marjamaki - Small improvements
Jiří Techet - Various patches
Erik de Castro Lopo - Various patches
Thomas Huth - Forth filetype
Adam Ples - Group encodings in open dialog
Mário Silva - Lisp filetype
Taylor Venable - Erlang filetype
Manuel Bua - Ensure consistent line endings pref.
Matthew Brush - Various patches.
Nicolas Sierro - store VTE path with session patch

These people have translated Geany to foreign languages:

Fayssal Chamekh - ar
Marcos Costales - ast
Yura Siamashka - be_BY
Dilyan Rusev - bg
Robert Buj - ca_ES
Toni Garcia-Navarro - ca_ES
Petr Messner - cs_CZ
Anna Talianova - cs_CZ
Karel Kolman - cs_CZ
Frank Lanitz - de_DE
Dominic Hopf - de_DE
Stavros Temertzidis - el
Jeff Bailes - en_GB
Damián Viano - es
Antonio Jiménez González - es
Nacho Cabanes - es
Lucas Vieites - es
Asier Iturralde Sarasola
Moein Owhadi Kareshk - fa
Harri Koskinen - fi
Jari Rahkonen - fi
Jean-Philippe Moal - fr
Roland Baudin - fr
Lionel Fuentes - fr
Benjamin Ballet -fr
José Manuel Castroagudín Silva - gl
Asheesh Ranjan - hi
Yosef Or Boczko - he
Gabor Kmetyko aka kilo - hu
Fajar Wahyu - id
Samsul Ma'arif - id
Bervianto Leo Pratama - id
M.Baldinelli - it
Dario Santomarco - it
Giuliano Manzitti - it
Tarot Osuji - ja
Chikahiro Masami - ja
Park Jang-heon - ko
Baurzhan Muftakhidinov - kk
Laurent Hoeltgen - lb
Algimantas Margevičius - lt
tsetsee - mn
Kurt De Bree - nl
Peter Scholtens - nl
Ayke van Laethem - nl
Jacek Wolszczak - pl_PL
Jarosław Foksa - pl_PL
Krzysztof Troska - pl_PL
Wojciech Świderski - pl_PL
Alexandre Moreira - pt_BR
Adrovane Marques Kade - pt_BR
Rafael Peregrino da Silva - pt_BR
Alex Eftimie - ro
brahmann_ - ru
Nikita E. Shalaev - ru
stat.c - ru
Andrew Drynov - ru
John Wehin - ru
Maxim Musatov - ru
Tomáš Vadina - sk
Jože Klepec - sl
Nikola Radovanovic - sr
Tony Mattsson - sv
Gürkan Gür - tr
Boris Dibrov - uk
Clytie Siddall - vi_VN
Dormouse Young - zh_CN
Xhacker Liu - zh_CN
KoViCH - zh_TW
Wei-Lun Chao - zh_TW

Anjuta (tagmanager)
KDevelop (symbol list icons)